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I can't belive the number of times that I have gotten layed off the service! There are so many hot horny women out there it makes hard thinking about it! thanks iwantu! I had no time for bars since my divorce.

Hot Sexy Couple.
We are a fun open-minded couple. Iam 25yrs and very sexy. He is 33 and very sexy. Together we are hot hot hot. We are looking to meet singles Men or Woman that are clean sexy and open-minded. We would like to fulfill our fantasies by meeting sexual people and being a little naughty. We are very much into one another and happy as a couple. We are looking for sexual exploration not a social life. People who are clean sexy and fun to be with. We are not looking for someone to cum play with just her but all 3 or more of us playing together with most the attention on her.

Swingers Stories.
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My Wife.
During our 15 year marriage, my wife and I had discovered that she enjoys sex with other men, be they friends or strangers, and I enjoy her having fuck with other men and hearing all about it afterwards. She did a few cheating guys that she worked with about 10 years ago which were one or two night stands, and that was it. About 5 years ago, there was a friend of ours whom I was sure wanted to fuck my wife, and I was pretty sure the feeling was mutual. I arranged for them to go to dinner one night, and sure enough, they ended up in bed. Now, 5 years later, he comes over to our house for dinner once or twice a week, we watch TV until about 10, then I go to bed and he fuck with my wife for couple of hours. Every Thursday night, my wife swingers cheating guys goes to his place for 3 or 4 hours, so basically he is fucking my wife 2 or 3 times a week. Once in awhile, he will have one of his friends at his place and they'll do fuck with my wife 3 some. In addition, there are 4 or 5 other local swingers that she will do anywhere from once a month to twice a year. As you can see, she does enjoy fuck with local swinger. my wife also likes it in semi-public places, where someone may catch a glimpse of her giving head, but not really out in the open. About 3 months ago, we also discovered that she likes a nice long gang bang! A guy she had met is an air traffic controller at a small local airport. He works the late shift, from 4:00 until Midnight. After they did it the first time, he asked if she would like to try something "different" and come to the tower at the airport some evening after 6:00 which is when everyone else went home. She does like different things, so of course she went the next night. The tower is about 40 feet high and the top floor is all glass and has dim red lights in it. He had a bottle of wine open and after a glass or two, swingers cheating guys took off her blouse, skirt ,swingers and panties and had her stand up close to the glass. As the planes came in, he told the pilots to take a look at the tower as he was sure they could see her in the dim light. He was right, and several got a very good look at her nude body. That local swingers man then took off his clothes, laid on his back on a desk that was near the window and had her give him a blow job. They think several pilots saw that as well. After an hour or so, she got on the desk on her knees and swingers cheating guys did her doggie style. cheating wife asked him to turn up the lights a little to be sure that anyone landing could watch him fuck my wife. After that, he turned up the lights a little more, took a telescope that was there and told her to look through it. It was pointed at his apartment that was about 2 blocks away and on a hill. She say a bunch married and flirting mans out on the deck with a couple of telescopes pointed at the tower. It turns out, he had 5 of his friends over that night to watch the show! swingers cheating guys called them on his cell phone and asked how they liked it and they all agreed they would like to fuck my wife too. While he as in the bathroom, she hit the redial button and asked one of his friends for the address of the apartment they were in. She told them not to tell him, but she would be over in about 30 minutes. She then called me, told me what had happened and asked if i minded that she go to the apartment to see what was going on. It was fine with me, and about 10:00 she said she had to leave and off she went. Upon getting to the apartment, there was a lot of anticipation about who was going to get to do her. One guy grabbed her just as she got through the door and started kissing her. Another came up behind her and started taking her clothes off. my wife was stripped naked in about 30 seconds, and the first guy had her sit in a chair and stuck his dick up by her mouth. My cheating wife rubbed it a little and took it into her mouth. She sucked until he got real hard, at which time, he got on his knees, hooked his elbows under her legs and put them up on his shoulders. He then proceeded to fuck my wife until he shot a large load into her pussy. Just as he was cumming, another guy got on his knees and declared he was next. Sure enough, he was! At that point my wife said she would like their friend at the airport to be able to see some of this and they went out on the roof deck of the building. One swingers cheating guys was lying on a chaise lounge and she was kneeling going down on him while another guy was doing her doggie style. She told on the cheating guys to call the tower and tell him to look through the telescope! When swingers guys saw her at his place getting 2 cocks shoved into my wife at the same time he was really surprised. He asked if she could stick around until he got off of work cause he wanted to fuck with my wife again. She said sure, and continued sucking and fucking anyone who wanted to. About midnight, she called me and asked if she could stay out a little later than her usual 1:00 am getting home time. I agreed, and said no later than 5:00! At the time no one knew that her original suitor called 3 more of his friends and asked them if the would like to participate in a gang bang at his apartment. They all said yes, and pretty soon there were 8 nude cheating guys all taking turns with her in various numbers and positions. The apartment owner got home about 12:30 from work and joined in the fray...... She got home just a little after 5:00 looking tired but very happy. my wife climbed on top of me and told me that my wife had lost track of the times my wife had a cock in her, but she was sure each of the 9 nude cheating guys had done her at least twice. We finally figured out that she had taken 25 to 30 loads of cum either in her or on her in less than 11 hours. They haven't done that again, but most of the cheating guys that were there call her for an occassional fuck either individually or in groups of 3 or 4. As I said, we both have learned that she does enjoy a good hard gang bang and we're going to make sure my wife gets one every 2 or 3 months. LET'S CUM TOGETHER AND MORE THAN ONCE...
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